Papercrete is a recent technology we have limited information about the technology and  the structural properties. A compressive strength of 5.5 MPa with sand in the mix has been reported, which falls to 0.96 – 1.7 MPa without the sand. Due to the large air content it fails slowly in compression, rather than in a brittle manner.Tensile strenght is really poor.
Papercrete has very good insulating properties. Paper fibres trap the air , and when the water drains out, leaves tiny air pockets which result in an R-value equal to 2-3 R/inch. (more than insulating materials).
In order to be resistant to water, moisture and fire, chemical adhesives are added in the mix. Papercrete is also susceptible to termite and mold.
Compressive strength experimentation


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Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft
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4 Responses to Properties

  1. smitha says:

    hello sir….
    i want to know what are the workability properties u tested and how u tested them please do reply….

    • Dear Sir

      What exactly do you mean workability properties? I have only tested the acoustic properties of the material, and this week I will start the structural experiments in the Civil Lab of TU Delft.

      yours Menelaos Kokkinos

      • smitha says:

        hello sir,
        i meant..for normal concrete we will do slump test,compaction factor test, vee bee….etc.,
        like that what test u conducted for papercrete?

      • I still haven’t started the official testing. I was thinking of conducting compression and split tests on 15x15x15 specimens, but first I have to find a workable mix. I am not familiar with the terms you mention for the normal concrete (I am an architect, not an engineer), but if you think that they can be also used on my research, or you have any suggestion please let me know. thanx

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