Experiment 02

Experiment 02:  5 specimens
Examine: effect of different paper products, and how the size of the specimens affect the final results.
Form: Wooden 4mm mdf, glued together covered with foil to prevent water passing to the wood.
Remove form: day 5
With this experiment I wanted to examine how different paper products and different sizes effect the drying period and the strength of the material of the final production.



Mixing newspaper until it becomes pulp

Wooden form: mdf 4mm

8 new specimens with different proportions and sizes

Process can have many unexpected problems




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Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft mgkokkinos@gmail.com
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7 Responses to Experiment 02

  1. Aliciaki says:

    how did it end up? which one is the best?

  2. sakshi says:

    My project research is my final year project. I would like to know about the different kind of graphs we can draw and the conclusions that can be derived from them. Also have you conducted the rcpt test on papercrete cubes? If yes what were the results. I would also like to know about the water cement ratio and if it affects the strength of a papercrete cube. Have you uploaded the above mentioned table? My email id is baksh_29@yahoo.com.
    Thank you

    • Hi
      Next week I will have final graphs related to the drying period and information about the weight and volume loss. Also next Thursday I will conduct compression test in20 dry specimens (I had to wait 6 weeks until they got completely dry)
      Water ratio doesn’t effect the strength of the specimens but differs the drying period.

  3. sakshi says:

    please could i get your contact no. for immediate correspondence

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