Thermal Conductivity

Conduction in solids:  Transfer of heat through a material without the molecules of the material changing their basic position.Testing has been done on specimens made adobe style on the ground, but it will be different from the pressed block, because the pressed block is more dense.

I have to define λ  to be able to calculate thermal conductivity.

Different materials have their own conduction capacity. (some materials conduct heat better than others)
High conductivity means good thermal conductor when low conductivity means good thermal insulator. I will consider it equal to aerated concrete with same density (400 Kg/m3) λ =0.08 W/mK.

The greater λ is, the more easily material can conduct heat. In a panels, we aim to lose as little heat as possible from a heated home to the environment, so we aim for smaller λ values.
For the same thickness of concrete panel λ would have 25 times less heat resistance which explains why papercrete is ideally used as a insulation material.

Low thermal conductivity coefficient and relatively high
thermal diffusivity means that papercrete doesn’t transmit
much heat, but it change temperature quickly.


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