First results

After recording the information I made tables and graphs so the results become cleaner and easier to read. Result were more accurate in experiment 03 and the deviations were smaller. Studying the tables, the graphs and the actual specimens I was able to collect some information for specimens behavior.
• Specimens do not shrink symmetrically. Despite the fact that paper becomes pulp, fibers still have a main direction. The mixer is moving the pulp in one direction orienting the fibers.
• Drying period differs depending on the proportions of the mix and the climate conditions
• Deviations in values exist even between specimens with the same proportion
• Specimens which have more paper in the mix shrink more.• Density is not proportional to time or to weight loss. Some specimens increase and some other decrease density –density graph-.
• After Week 03 the relative difference in values become smaller and after Week 04, values stay the same

Table 01: List of specimens






About Menelaos Kokkinos

Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft
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3 Responses to First results

  1. Rudi Stouffs says:

    Dear Menelaos,

    Great, I like the improvements in experiment 03.


  2. Marc says:


    How where your conclusions? Did you rule ou cardboard and glossy paper or not?

    Would one or another be good or bad for interior use? Like cardboard is good inside, not under the rain…

    Thanks in advance for your answer.



    • Hello

      Newspapers produce the most consistent results which was important factor for the testing. I didnt make a lot of experiments with different mixes due to the limited time. Papercrete needs insulation to be used outside. Changing the paper quality might differentiate a bit the properties but not much.
      I am sorry I couldnt be more helpful but my research was more focused in testing the properties of a given mix.

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