Experiment 04

To have safer results about papercrete΄s behavior I made 40 new specimens -experiment 04- in the Civil Lab of TU Delft. The process was more controlled, I used the  formal plastic forms, the  proportions were accurate and I used the concrete vibrating motor. I wanted to examine the  -exposed in same conditions- specimens more often to get more precise results and make compression and split tests to get information about papercrete’s structural behavior. After 5 days I removed the forms but all the specimens failed. They had the same flaws like the specimens made before.
– Rough-porous surface
– Brittle structure
– Not homogeneous
– Different drying period and
– Deviations in weight and volume
Because of the flaws I couldn’t use the specimens for testing, not even for examination. The proportion used was 4:4:2 (paper:cement:sand). I used newspaper, Portland cement, and thin sand to make the specimens.

Civil Lab of TU Delft

Plastic forms used as molds

Vibrating machine

Specimens into plastic forms

Remove specimens from forms

Rough brittle surface - not homogeneous structure

Interesting texture surface

Specimens one week after removing the forms. Dry and wet spots are visible - not homogeneous


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