Experiment 05

I studied the specimens of the experiment 04, to find out why they were not homogeneous and they failed to be consistent in the volume. I decide to make new specimens with:
– new mix (120 lt Water, 7 Kg Newspaper, 14.95 Kg Portland cement, 10 Kg sand)
– more accurate proportions
– different mixer
The result was not the desirable again. Specimens were too watery  resulting in a long drying period. Shrinkage effect was more visible and because the excess amount of paper in the mix, specimens were also more brittle. Even after 3 weeks, I could still  easily deform or even break the specimens. However the surface was less rough and the specimens were more homogeneous.

Accurate weight each ingredient


Mixer used

Too much water in the mix resulted in watery specimens

Specimen 3 days after production. Water is still excess in the mix

Specimens one week after production. Water has dry out but the surface is irregular

Surface is smoother but the specimens are even more brittle

Brittle surface


About Menelaos Kokkinos

Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft mgkokkinos@gmail.com
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