Reinfocement phase

The  results of compression tests on “experiment 10” blocks showed that reinforcement is needed. I decided to make 9 new series (of 10 specimens each) trying different mixes, reinforcement ways and manufacturing techniques. The specimens (0.15 x 0.10 x 0.04) will be tested in bending and in compression.

a) add in the mix double amount of cement

b) different paper quality- printing paper- no ink

c) chicken wire

d) glass fibers

e) pressed specimens

f) different process* – normal mix

g) different process* – chicken wire

h) different process* – glass fibers

*refers to a different order of adding the ingredients in the mix. I suggested that the poor compression properties are resulted because paper absorbs all the water and doesn’t let the cement to come in touch and react with the water. The new process is:

  • mix cement with sand and the water
  • leave the slurry for 30 minutes to rest so the chemical reaction is done
  • add the paper pulp and mix again for 10 minutes

Wooden forms 0.15 x 0.10 x 0.04

Different reinforcement ways

Different reinforcement - Evaluation factors

Physical properties

Increasing the cement (double) in the mix adds 50% in weight
Highest density – Pressed specimens
Lowest density – Normal mix

Bending test

Bending report all specimens

Simple mix

Chicken wire reinforcement



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