Facade systems

Last years the prevailing trend in facade technology is the increased complexity by means of function  and technology. Façades systems have become one of the most technically challenging, complex and multidisciplinary parts of a building.
Apart from the classic functions (appearance, sealing, insulation) the success of a facade system depends on its technical functionality and the comfort, environmental control, ventilation, safety and sustainability.
One layered system (single glazed glass panels) can no longer fulfil the increased technical and architectural demands. Wall system was resolved into load bearing structure and façade element. In multi- layered construction, three main areas are defined: Primary structure, secondary structure and filing elements.

Primary, secondary structure and infill

Primary structure takes the loads of the entire building and transfers the foundation.
Secondary structure transfers the facade loads onto the primary structure and constitutes the connecting element between levels one and three.
Infill elements has to fulfil its own functions: windproof, resist water penetration

The functions are distributed among these components increasing the possibilities but also the complexity of the system.


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