General drawings and detailing

Papercrete is a soft an fragile material. Systems with rivets or undercut anchors are not adequate. Wind load would create fracture joints. Adhesives wont also work because of papercrete’s surface rough texture. Wind load has to be contributed equally in larger area and not into 4 points. One solution is to use rivets every a predefined distance. These require further experimentation but it probably becomes to complicated.
Mock ups were made to test different textures shapes, sizes and joints

The mock-ups were damaged during removing the forms and joints failed when were tested to keep the panels weight. After specimens were dry they became stronger We should be extra careful during removing the forms because when panels are wet they are extremely fragile. We should let the specimens dry before applying any load.

Design process

Open and closed joint system

Cold facade experimentation


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Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft
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