Sound insulation properties

I calculated the sound insulation properties of 4 panels with different thickness, mix and sections to find the optimal solution. Sound insulation material reduce the drop on mass spring resonance and dampen the standing waves but also increase the cost and decrease the sustainability of the material.

Studying the results of Table 2.05 gave information about the sound insulation behaviour of different papercrete panels.
• Doubling the cavity width – increases R value
• Increasing mass – increase R value
• Cavity panels increase faster their R value, but anomalies (mass spring resonanse -Rvalue=0) occur near the voice frequency range.
• Plateau method for mass greater than 70 kg/m (mass panel 05) results in an increase equal to ≈5dB in the sound insulation properties (compared to mass panel 01 – same thickness-lower density). Does this increase overweight the addition on weight?


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Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft
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