This report is a research on Precast Papercrete Facade Panels (PPP), as part of my graduation project for the master program of building technology department in TU Delft.
This result wouldn’t be possible without advice, constructive criticism and ideas from others. I would particularly like to recognize suggestions made by my two mentors Dr.Ir. F.A. Veer, Peter van Swieten and acknowledge their willingness to help. I would also like to thank A. Borgart, Stouffs and M. Yurrin for their assistance in the early stages of the project during the course “Stand Up Architecture”.
The staff of the concrete Lab in Civil Engineering Faculty and Kease were always helpful when I asked for their assistance. Equally valuable has been the contribution of numerous colleagues and friends. A. Petalas, G.Chatzikonstantinou D. Papadopoulou and D. Baltoukas helped me with our long – and/but – constructive discussions during the project.
Thank you to all who assisted in collecting newspapers needed (more that 200Kg in total):
Efi Ntefi
Marco Alvarez
Ifigeneia Dilaveraki
Karolina Konecka
Teo Klouva
and Ari Goula for assisting me finding the chemicals used.
Thanks also to A. Kourkoula, M. Kokkinou, M. Bittermann, R. Bokel, Barry Fuller, M. Tenpierik for their helpful comments and J. Rhemrev for her patience. Finally, my ongoing debt to my family for their continuous moral encouragement and financial support.


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Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft
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