Availability and processibility

Papercrete is made from materials widely available and easy to found. Paper comes from a variety of sources and is usually without cost.

Manufacturing processes are still not developed enough to facilitate its use. If we decide to go into market with papercrete the process must adjust to the requirements of fast and mass production. The components must be manufactured by industrial methods to build a large number of panels in a short time at low cost.
Specialized personnel with the technological know-how and the necessary experience to provide quality and time lasting assurances is needed. Building mixers must become commercially available. We also have to reconsider the paper pulp used because the needs will be much bigger and the cost might increase.
Papercrete is a soft material so it can be easily processed after it is hardened. Processing might create cracks. Panels may be cut with a circular saw; a precision tipped blade is recommended.

The porosity of the material creates a very interesting texture. Papercrete is available in many standard colours, textures and finishes. Because of this relative porosity delicate designs can not be created.
The range of finishes and the quality control in precast elements is wider than that available for in-situ work. The materials used to cover the exterior surface (for waterproofing, colouring etc) must let the air to evaporate because if water is trapped inside will create moisture problems and the panel will start to rotten.
Papercrete can be moulded into almost any form and finish. Custom-made forms were used to create panels in the precise dimension and shape. These forms introduce reveals, joints, patterns, and other expressive detailing to the panel surface. Specific colour effects and texture can be achieved through varying sands, aggregates, and pigments.
Colorants increase the price and affect the physical and mechanical properties. Weight is increased (around 10%), specimens shrink more (5% more). Testing must be made to find out the effect on strength

Papercrete is a soft material and processing is easy.


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