Weight and Density

After defining a standard mix [2.4 : 5.1 : 2.5 : 9.5lt every 0.68Kg paper (Paper:Cement:Sand)] which results in a homogeneous volume with smooth surface I made 20 new specimens to test in compression. I removed the forms in day 10 and until they reached their final properties -day 56- i was examining them weekly to get information about materials physical properties.

Diagram 01: average weight loss
Table 01: Deviations between specimens
  • Papecrete weights  almost the 1/8 of a concrete clock with the same size.
  • Specimens loose over 70% of the initial weight
  • Consistent results: Big weight deviation in week 4 because of the specimens proximity
  • Long drying period: 8 weeks until they reach final properties
Diagram 02: Average volume loss
Diagram 03: Average density loss
Diagram 04: Average mass loss
  • Specimens shrink only <5%. In combination with the big weight drop, density and mass also loose more that 75% of the initial value.

About Menelaos Kokkinos

Menelaos Kokkinos TU Delft mgkokkinos@gmail.com
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4 Responses to Weight and Density

  1. Anibal says:

    Awesome work!!! The ratios are expresed in weight o volume?

  2. P.lenin says:

    What will be the unit weight of the concrete?

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